My 2020 Reading List


You can keep track of how I’m doing with this reading list here.

When it comes to reading, I tend to crowdsource my reading list from people I admire and friends. Whenever I finish a book I tend to pick whatever I find interesting, often picking new books from the bibliography of the book I just finished. This has served me well so far, but some times I end up reading and learning things that are not particularly interesting to me. So, this year I decided to shake things up a bit and be more deliberate about what I put in front of my eyes.

I went through my Amazon wishlist (that’s where I save all the books I want to read) and choose a few areas on which to focus. The only restriction I put on myself was to select books that have been around for 10 years or more. What follows is the result of this process, my reading list of 2020!

Reading List

Mastery and craftsmanship

One of my goals in life is to keep learning and truly master a few skills that I am interested about. In this theme I chose to read a varied selection to understand more about the creative process and how different people in different feels attempt to become master.

  1. Coders at Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming
  2. God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee
  3. Drawn to Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes: Volume 1: The Walt Stanchfield Lectures
  4. The Score takes care of itself

Live better

Humans have been trying to live better and learning how to live since the beginnings of history. I always find the best advice and inspiration by reading about the ancients and historical figures. This is the biggest set of books. There are many books from the ancient romans, but there are also some newer ones like 4,5,6, 8 and 12.

  1. Benjamin Franklin: An American Life
  2. How to be a Friend
  3. The Art of Living: The Classical Mannual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness
  4. Never eat alone
  5. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
  6. Blue Mind
  7. How to Be a Leader: An Ancient Guide to Wise Leadership
  8. The little book of common sense investing
  9. Fragments
  10. The Moral Sayings of Publius Syrus: A Roman Slave
  11. How to Live: Or A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer
  12. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running: A Memoir
  13. Lincoln’s Virtues


I am not a very religious person. I have many reservations about faith and dogma. But after hearing Nassim Taleb explain that religion is not really about faith but more about rituals and tradition, I decided to explore this theme in more depth. My goal is to read widely about the topic and later in dive into the actual religious texts (the Old and New Testament and others).


Everybody should know the basic marketing. After all, we live in the era of social media. We are constantly exposing and selling a version of ourselves online, so why not do it correctly? The three books in this list have appeared in many reading lists that I’ve browsed and have been recommended by friends multiple times. I really hope they’re worth it!


This is the area where I feel the most at home. There’s so much to learn and to discover that it almost seems that there’s no hope to keep up with the pace. Many of the books in this theme try to summarize and distill powerful ideas around complex systems, statistics and artificial intelligence.